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Fall Lipstick Style Guide: 4 Must-Have Shades

Fall comes in with promises of fresh baked goods, cooler winds, and new trends to incorporate into our wardrobe and makeup ensemble. Whether you want to refresh your old things to create something new or hop on the latest state-of-the-art products, there are plenty of different ways to get in vogue for the new season. This is especially true with makeup, which is often the centerpiece for any lip look centering around the face (especially if you’re looking for lipstick online).

Now, In the darker autumnal months, you want bold, darker shades that both complement and stand out against the cooler, moody atmosphere. It’s time to crank up the heat, fish out your warmer clothes from the closet, and grab a comfy seat and hot beverage as our fashion experts talk about the hottest trends for this chiller time of the year and where you can find these seasonally appropriate cosmetics online.

Oranges and Yellows

There’s no better time to try and take inspiration from your local environment and weather than the latter months leading up to a more barren winter. The bright, sunkissed colors of falling leaves and clear cooler sky that signify a passing rainy season mean are all great sources of inspiration as the heat of summer passes.

Deep Purples and Mauve

While bright, warm colors are a great way to light up your fall, the season also makes for a great excuse to enjoy the growing trend of dark, rich purples. Halloween is fast approaching, the days are getting shorter, and fashion in general typically gets a little bit darker and more subdued. In other words, if you’re looking for a unique way to really get into the seasonal spirit, these colors might be for you.

Various Shades of Blue

Cooler, clearer weather calls for some makeup that matches the changing mood. If you’ve been looking to try a unique coral blue or something a little bit softer. If you really wanna go for something a bit bolder, try matching it with a variety of reds and yellows (especially if your blue is leaning more into the lighter side).

Nude Colors

If you’re not too into the idea of going bold and colorful this fall, there’s a wide selection of quality nude shades available to complement anything from your more casual evening outfits to workwear. No matter your unique shade, we at Gaelle Cosmetics have a variety of naturalistic colors that fit a wide range of skin tones. We take pride in our focus on making sure that people of all skin types and colors have representative makeup that they can feel and look great in during any occasion, especially when they’re buying cosmetics online.

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