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A Shade for Every Shade: Best Lipstick Colors to Complement Your Complexion

Looking at pages and pages of various cosmetics online can be… overwhelming, to say the least. Weird names for shades, dozens of products that don’t seemingly have much difference between them, and hours of debate on what ingredients should or shouldn’t be in your makeup all make choices more difficult when buying lipsticks online.

However, there is one way to make sure that you lock down certain shades that work for you (whether it’s lipstick or another aspect of your ensemble), and that’s looking at your skin tone.

How to Find Your Skin Tone When Looking For Cosmetics Online

There are three categories of “temperature” that help determine your skin tone: cool, warm, and neutral. Cool skin tones, as the name implies, have bluish undertones. Warm undertones have bronzy, yellow undertones. Neutral skin, on the other hand, is skin that more or less matches its undertones.

While pinning down your complexion isn’t an exact science, there are a couple of quick and basic tricks to show what side of the “temperature spectrum” your skin lays on. For instance, if the veins under your wrist appear purple or blue, you’re cool-toned, and warm if it appears green.

If you’re still stuck, just think about what colors look best on you. If you find that blacks, blues, and jewel tones compliment your skin tone, you may be on the cooler side. If you find that greens, reds, and oranges look better on you, you’re probably warm-toned. Naturally, finding that you look good in almost anything may indicate that you’re neutral.

If all else fails, think about how you tan. Cool tones tend to be fairer and burn easier while warm tones have an easier time glowing up.

Lipstick for Various Tones:

If your skin shows bluish-purple undertones (cool-toned), search for makeup that reflects that. Some examples from our own Classic Collection include the “Charmaine” and “Chrissy”.

Warmer tones, on the other hand, want to look for deeper greens, reds, and terra cotta. The “Boss Lady” and “Grace” shades are two examples of lipsticks that the bronzy among us may want to check out.

For Black folks, navigating the mainstream world of cosmetics can make matching products to your skin tone somewhat confusing to navigate. However, the methods for finding out what “temperature” your skin is are mostly the same. Bold, bright reds, bronze, and purples go well with a variety of darker skins. If you want something a little bit more subdued and professional, brown lipsticks work well for anyone with brown or black skin.

Now, while this color theory can be helpful the first time you dip your toes into the proverbial pool of lipstick online, finding what’s right for you every single time can be a little more cumbersome. One of the best ways to find out how certain shades look on your skin is to sample a variety of products on a small section of your arm. This is especially true when you’re buying cosmetics online, which can be tricky if you don’t have a reference to take from.

Looking for Your “Goldilocks” Shade? Check out our Selection of Lipsticks Online

Searching for quality lipsticks online can feel like a game of chance at times. The experts at Gaëlle Cosmetics know that you deserve better. Stop doing hours upon hours of research on what that lipstick shade really looks like or what it’s composed of.

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